Find breastfeeding and chestfeeding help HERE.

La Leche League Leaders can help if you have breastfeeding questions. Leaders help families by providing free meetings and offering support between meetings for breastfeeding challenges, such as:
Woman sitting on a tree stump smiling at the child in front carrier with another child standing behind with hands on the woman's shoulders and looking up

      • engorgement,
      • expressing and storing your milk,
      • going back to work,
      • growth spurts,
      • milk supply,
      • positioning and latch,
      • soreness,
      • weaning, and
      • so much more!

La Leche League also offers additional information on many topics.

Additional resources that you may find helpful:

La Leche League is for you…
whether you are facing a challenge
or breastfeeding is going smoothly and you would like to help support others.