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My NICU Experience

Renee Mammone, Newington, Connecticut I had hoped to have an all-natural water birth, but that’s not what happened. At 31 ½ weeks, I went to my obstetrician for a routine appointment, and my blood pressure was extremely high…. Read More

My Breastfeeding Journey: Unexpected Hurdles and Carrying My Mother With Me

Jessica Tudor Elliott, Sacramento, California Becoming a mother is a profound experience. When I entered the journey to motherhood, I honestly had no idea how profound this experience would be for me. My mother was a La Leche… Read More

Mailing Milk: Donating to a Milk Bank

Tanya Svec Originally published in the Fall 2017 issue of Northern LLLights, the Area Leader’s Letter for La Leche League of Minnesota and the Dakotas. When Otto was small, my friend and fellow Leader asked me, “Is it… Read More

A Glimpse Into A Series Meeting: A Pumping Discussion

Lindsey Smith, Columbia, Missouri “Welcome to the evening meeting of La Leche League. Does anyone have any questions or concerns about breastfeeding as we get started?” With those words, my co-Leader and I opened the January meeting of… Read More