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Looking Back: This House is Beautiful

Delores A. Baggett, Edgewood, Maryland Originally published in the November/December 1976 issue of La Leche League News. Editor’s Note: The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The name changed to New… Read More

Rest is Best

Laura E. Mayer, Fairfax, Virginia Breastfeeding was emotionally and physically hard for my baby and me, so we had to supplement early starting on day five. He wasn’t diagnosed with lip and tongue-ties until 7.5 weeks. This explained… Read More

Breastfeeding as a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Kathy Joling, Glendale, Arizona ***Content warning: Childhood sexual abuse*** Finding out I was going to be a mother was the most exciting news I’ve had in my entire life. I already loved him immensely from the minute… Read More

My Journey: Non-binary Nursing

Evan Joy This post was originally published at Somewhere near the beginning of my twenties, I began to identify as genderqueer. Now that I’m older, I sometimes refer to myself as non-binary because it sounds softer; worn in like a favorite… Read More

Breastfeeding Camaraderie

By Lynda Strouse, La Leche League Leader, Rockaway, New Jersey There is a saying that goes, “We attract that which we are.” When I was a breastfeeding mother, and even when I no longer nursed my children, there… Read More

Looking Back: It’s True, It Works!

Sue Huml, Illinois Originally published in Love Sparks and Prisms, Illinois, and republished in the January/February 1983 issue of La Leche League News. Editor’s Note: The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in… Read More

Partners in Parenting

Readers share with us about times their partners have helped to make parenting, breastfeeding, maintaining the house, etc. easier. My youngest son was born 22 days early. While I was in the hospital, (my partner) took the time… Read More

Support and Reassurance in Meeting Chestfeeding Goals

Sion, Philadelphia The New Beginning’s team would like to thank Trevor MacDonald, an LLL Leader from Canada, for interviewing Sion and writing this piece. Sion Jesse called a La Leche League Leader for help at an early, critical… Read More

Single Parenthood: Finding My Community

Jocelyn, Seattle, Washington My Family My son, Carter, was born almost three years ago at my home in Seattle, Washington. The journey of becoming a parent has been an interesting one that started even before his birth. Carter’s… Read More

My La Leche League: Finding Support, Embracing Differences

Anna, Minneapolis, Minnesota I’m a work-at-home parent in Minneapolis with two spectacular children: a four-year-old and a 22-month-old. Our family is incredibly high-energy and talkative. One thing I love about us is that we always share our feelings… Read More