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Breastfeeding as a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Kathy Joling, Glendale, Arizona ***Content warning: Childhood sexual abuse*** Finding out I was going to be a mother was the most exciting news I’ve had in my entire life. I already loved him immensely from the minute… Read More

My Journey: Non-binary Nursing

Evan Joy This post was originally published at Somewhere near the beginning of my twenties, I began to identify as genderqueer. Now that I’m older, I sometimes refer to myself as non-binary because it sounds softer; worn in like a favorite… Read More

I’m Failing At This!

Jessica Halley, Oklahoma Several years ago I was struggling with my first baby (trouble latching, crying, etc.) when my mother came in and said, “Let’s get you some help.” I said, “No! I can’t see anyone. I’m failing… Read More

Breastfeeding Through the Years

Allyson Wessells, Columbus, Ohio Breastfeeding is a journey, and it involves a lot of learning in the early days and weeks until months later when it can be so automatic that life without nursing is unimaginable. As the… Read More

Running and Breastfeeding

By Victoria Carson, St. Maries, Idaho Prior to pregnancy, I enjoyed running and exercise. For me, running is a vehicle to release stress, burn some extra calories, and purge myself of extra energy to help me sleep better… Read More