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Mammography and Sonography in Breastfeeding Women

Originally published in the October 2017 e-Blender, La Leche League of New York Jayne R. Charlamb, MD, FACP, IBCLC Associate Area Professional Liaison, (AAPL) LLL NY Associate Professor of OBGYN, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Director, Division of Breast… Read More

Upcoming LLL Events

Autumn activities abound, and LLL USA has a full schedule of conferences and other enrichment activities for families and individuals. Take a look at the calendar that follows and make plans to attend a family-friendly event near you…. Read More

Making It Work: Reconnecting with Your Partner

“My partner and I both work outside of the home. We have a nine-month-old son. Since we’re already away from our son so much due to work, we’re hesitant to leave him more than necessary outside of work… Read More

Finley’s Story: Battling HRSV

Kendra Guyer, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. I specifically remember talking about the “negatives” of breastfeeding when I was in high school. I had heard that it would change my nipples and my breasts, and I wouldn’t want that. I am… Read More

Excerpts from A Loving Weaning: How To Move Forward Together

Winema Wilson Lanoue, Blacksburg, Virginia Editor’s note: Following are excerpts from A Loving Weaning: How To Move Forward Together by Winema Wilson Lanoue, a La Leche League Leader with the Blacksburg, Virginia, Group. A Loving Weaning is published… Read More