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Feeding The Family: Snack Ideas

It’s not always easy to find healthy, fun snacks to feed your family. If your children are anything like mine, they all have different likes and, once you find something that they agree on, it seems as if… Read More

Laura’s Story: Persevering Through The Difficult Early Months

Laura P., New York City, New York When my son was born, I had no experience with being a mother or breastfeeding. I agreed to give breastfeeding a shot, but I was very nervous about it. Most of… Read More

Looking Back: Sharing A Well-Loved Book

Roberta O’Benar, La Grange Park, Illinois Originally published in the September/October 1978 issue of La Leche League News. Editor’s Note: The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The name changed… Read More

Out of the Mouths of Nurslings

Dee (and Petey), Spring, Texas Dee from Spring, Texas, shares some of the funny things her nursling, Petey, has told her when nursing is on his mind: “One of my son’s bedtime delay tactics is to claim he… Read More

My Breastfeeding Story in 100 Words (Or Less)

Anne Ferguson, Minnetonka, Minnesota Originally printed in the Winter 2018/19 Northern LLLights (Leader Letter of LLL of MN/DAs) Two thousand, five hundred and fifty-six days. One day shy of seven years. Nine hundred and twelve days of tandem…. Read More