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Fatimah’s Story (Part I): My Struggle

Fatimah Salman, RN, BSN, Lebanon Editor’s Note: In Part I of her story, Fatimah shares her difficult introduction to parenthood as her newborn son, Hadi, struggles to stay healthy and Fatimah fights to gain confidence and find breastfeeding support…. Read More

Making It Work: Why I Avoid The ‘Freezer Stash’

Emily Hahn, Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania Editor’s Note: The author shares the experience of returning to work, pumping, and providing enough breast milk for the following day without maintaining a supply of frozen breast milk. Many parents who pump… Read More

La Leche League: My Safe Space

Adina Pearlman, Old Bridge, New Jersey. La Leche League has been a staple in my life since I was five years old. My mother breastfed my brother and me until we were a little over a year and… Read More

Breastfeeding: I Am Thankful Because…

Feeling thankful for breastfeeding, parents shared their gratitude for the role that breastfeeding has played in their parenting journeys. Our journey was rough, from NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) admission at eight days old to my milk supply… Read More

Working and Breastfeeding: My Experience with Hand Expression

Hanna N. Wetzel, Cincinnati, Ohio Like most women who plan to go back to work after baby, I bought a breast pump before giving birth. Unlike most, it has sat untouched in my closet. I remember receiving it… Read More