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Upcoming LLL USA Events

Summer is a busy time for many families, full of outdoor activities, family reunions, vacations, and lazy days at the pool. Enjoy the memories you’ll make on these long, warm days and plan ahead for the rest of… Read More

Partners in Parenting

Readers share with us about times their partners have helped to make parenting, breastfeeding, maintaining the house, etc. easier. My youngest son was born 22 days early. While I was in the hospital, (my partner) took the time… Read More

Support and Reassurance in Meeting Chestfeeding Goals

Sion, Philadelphia The New Beginning’s team would like to thank Trevor MacDonald, an LLL Leader from Canada, for interviewing Sion and writing this piece. Sion Jesse called a La Leche League Leader for help at an early, critical… Read More

Single Parenthood: Finding My Community

Jocelyn, Seattle, Washington My Family My son, Carter, was born almost three years ago at my home in Seattle, Washington. The journey of becoming a parent has been an interesting one that started even before his birth. Carter’s… Read More

La Leche League: Breastfeeding Support and the Military Family

Rebecca, Pennsylvania, stationed in the Dominican Republic My family consists of my husband, our nearly one-year-old son, and our three dogs. I am the lone female in our household for now. As a couple, we decided to wait almost nine… Read More